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Ultra Bee seat conversion kit V2 for Surron Light Bee

Regular price $400.00
Regular price Sale price $400.00
Powder Coat Color: White
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Regular price $400.00
Regular price Sale price $400.00

This Custom Sub Frame for the * Surron Light Bee * Comes fitted with an OEM Seat from a Surron Ultra Bee

The extended seat helps fit passengers, stand up wheelies, and more comfort for taller people!

Made to order, about a 14 day lead time after order is placed until it will ship!


Comes with:

1 Custom sub Fame made from 1/8th inch steel & powder coated for color

Grade 8 hardware To Bolt Seat To Frame & Fender To Frame

1 Ultra Bee Seat

1 Ultra Bee OEM Fender

Weighs 8 LB compared to stock seat/subframe being 5LB



Does it fit upgraded batteries?   -   Yes it is made to fit anything from stock to chi’s largest 72V 60AH battery.